History of Venosan

History of Venosan Stockings Daniel Kuenzli started Venosan in 1989 and has grown the company at an incredible rate. Just like he pushed a Ferrari 428 Challenge to 239.5mph only 3.3 mph off the winner, at the:
The original company was started in a small town in Sweden, St. Gallen by Julius Salzmann in 1883. Today that company is called Salzmann AG and Venosan is a subsidiary. Max Kuenzli, Daniel Kuenzli’s father had been working for SALZMANN since 1945. Then in 1954 a tragic accident changed the Fate of Max and Daniel Kuenzli. Walter Salzmann the son on the founder Julies Salzmann was killed in a plane crash while on his way to a business trip. The business went to his brother and two sisters but they were not actively involved in the company. This is when Max Kuenzli took over management. He also became a shareholder along with the brother and sisters of Walter Salzmann. A new company was founded Salzmann AG St. Gallen. In 1971 Max Salzmann buys all the remaining shares from the Salzmann Siblings. I see Daniel Kuenzli as a Donald Trump kind of success story. Did he start from poverty, no his father was successful, but he took a small fortune and turned into a massive fortune. He also had to start from the ground up, no executive job for him, he started by selling compression stockings from one doctor’s office to the next. I believe that this kind of beginning has kept him grounded (except when he is driving his Ferrari) in 1990 he took over full Management from his father Max although Max remained on as President of the Board of Directors until his death in 1994. Under Daniel Kuenzli’s tutelage Salzman AG has expanded too many other Countries and has approximately 500 employees. In 1993 Venosan opened in the Asheboro North Carolina a state that is famous for their textile industries. One of their greatest accomplishments is that their hosiery has compression qualities but is stylish and sheer. Many times undetectable from standard sheer brands. Most other brands sell the same sock for Men and Women where Venosan often has different fabric contents for men’s and women’s even if they sell by the same name. This is because of their extensive testing and long history of making compression stockings. Why look for other stockings they have been doing this since 1883.

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