Diabetic Shoe Vs Therapeutic Shoe

These Shoes are virtually the same and often called by other names, such as Orthopedic Shoes, Ortho Shoes, Orthotic Shoes, Ultra Depth, Extra Depth, Depth Shoes, Ultra-Wide, Extra Wide, Sugar Shoes, Medical Shoes, Custom Diabetic Shoes, Custom-Molded Shoes and Orthotic Insert Shoes. A Diabetic Shoe can be all of the above but all of the above can’t always be a Diabetic Shoe. Diabetic Shoes have meet certain manufacturing standards.
1. They must not have any seams with stitching inside that can scratch or tear skin.
2. A Larger Toe Box, this prevents injury from friction.
3. The collar around the ankle of the shoe is padded to prevent blisters.
4. The Shoe offers stiffer protection in the front, to prevent stubbing.
5. Soles are made of a non-skid material for better traction.
6. They are fitted with a special diabetic shoe insert, this insert is smooth and soft to prevent injury to the foot.

If I need an Orthotic Shoe for Knee Pain then why buy a Diabetic Shoe?
1. If you need an Orthotic Shoe Insert you are going to need the Extra Depth and Width.
2. If you have Hammer Toe, Claw Toe, Morton’s Toe, etc. you will need the Larger Toe Box and the no seam feature.
3. Everything else is a bonus.

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