Build your Foundation

Picture your calf’s and knees resting on a foundation (your feet). If your foundation is supporting all of the weight on the outside (Supination) it throws the middle support column (Calf’s) out of kilter which then wears the cartilage towards the outside of the knee. If you can imagine leveling up the crooked foundation until all the weight is spread even (as in the first picture), the ankles and knees will rotate inward, taking pressure and applying it in the proper location . Not only does this straighten up the whole body through the hips and back. It commonly relieves pain in the knees hips and back. Even if the cartilage is worn down to bone on bone in the knees, it is common to have the knees realigned, to where a cartilage area is now absorbing the wear and tear. This is why we have so many people rave how our inserts have changed their lives. It’s usually a combination of things. My feet feel better, my knees don’t ach as much and my back pain is much better. It all starts with a good foundation!

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