What are Diabetic or Therapeutic Shoes?

Therapeutic shoes, often called Ultra Depth Shoes, are deeper  than traditional shoes. Typically there are less sewing seams. All of this is to reduce abrasions from foot friction, eliminating or reducing blisters and or skin tears. These can be traumatic for a diabetic or anyone with a foot condition. The extra space can help with compression stockings, many elderly people wear these, their legs tend to swell. If you need or desire a custom made insert a therapeutic shoe is needed because the insert is much thicker. When you look at our shoes they appear to be the same as any shoe purchased from a shoe store, this is not by accident, our shoes were designed to be stylish and not stick out as clunky Medical Shoe.

Depth-inlay shoes, featuring an extended toe box, lightweight design, and reinforced heel counter offer more supportive and stylish diabetic footwear. Often made from soft leather for stretch and comfort provides extra room for active diabetic patients who have a need for comfortable shoes.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to managing diabetes. Excessive pressure on feet without proper diabetic footwear can make living actively difficult. Diabetics are at an extremely increased risk of developing serious foot disorders and diabetic shoes will help manage foot problems associated with diabetes. Foot problems are the most common diabetes complication leading to hospitalizations.